April 7 – General Membership Meeting



General Membership Meeting

April 7, 2016   7:00pm

T-Lounge, 1475 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103


  1. Social Half Hour 6:30pm ($2.00 drinks/tacos)
  2. Call to Order at 7:00pm
  3. Roll Call of Officers and Certification of Quorum
  4. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
  5. Approval of Agenda
  6. Introduction of new members
  7. Introductions of Elected Officials and Candidates not seeking endorsement
  8. Approval of Minutes of General Members Meeting of March 3, 2016
  9. Emily Burris – PhD Student: Study on PTSD
  10. Veterans Action Committee Report: Tim Caudill
  11. Q&A with Representative Scott Peters
  12. Endorsement: Congressional District 52
  13. Endorsement: Assembly District 78
  14. Endorsement: Supervisor District 3
  15. Endorsement: Mayor of San Diego
  16. President’s Report
  17. Treasurer’s Report
  18. Next meeting date – May 5, 2016
  19. Announcement
  20. Adjournment


April 9, 12pm – Barbara Bry Precinct Birthday Walk

May 5, 7pm – Club Meeting

May 6, 2pm – SDSU/Veterans Congressional Town Hall

May 7, 1pm – Veterans Democratic Club Party!

Next meeting of San Diego County Democratic Central Committee is April 19, 2016, at 7pm.

Next meeting of the SDCDP Council of Clubs is April 16, 2016, at 9:00am.

Next meeting of Executive Board of Veterans Democratic Club is TBD.

H.R. 1292 – SUPPORTED!


1 SOW/Commissary Furlough

On February 20th at the San Diego Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County monthly meeting, H.R. 1292, the Disabled Veterans Commissary and Exchange Store Benefits Act was unanimously supported.

This piece of legislation would allow any “veteran with a compensable service-connected disability …be permitted to use commissary and exchange stores on the same basis as a member of the armed forces entitled to retired or retainer pay.” This means that the approximately 290,000 San Diegan Veterans who are NOT retired and have a disability rating of even 0% would be allowed to shop on base. At a time when the Department of Defense is closing and reducing hours of commissary and exchange stores to budget cut backs and the sequester, this would bring in a great deal of new revenue for morale, welfare, and recreation programs for active duty and retired Veterans. This was a “no-brainer” for the Club and costs the DOD zero dollars. The cost is zero because the Veterans Affairs (VA) already issues VA identification cards for disabled veterans. This would allow for access to base and thus the services.

In 2015 San Diego was the 11th most expensive housing market with average one bedroom costing $1,340 a month. We believe that San Diego leaders should give Veterans who stay here in San Diego after their active service has ended the best opportunity to reduce their grocery bills be using commissary and exchange privileges. Additionally, in 2014 the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) found that shoppers save an average of 30.5 percent when using the commissary instead of other grocery sources. This study only addressed UPC items and the actual savings on meat and produce were even higher.

In recent years after 9/11 and the Country engaged in two wars, Veterans have become an applause line and crowd pleaser on the campaign trails, rightly so we believe. Veterans issues should not just be a talking line for campaigns, and we expect elected officials to stand by those who have served and given so much of their lives to the United States.  We expect bipartisan support across Congress and we call on all San Diego elected Congresspersons to sign on as a co-sponsor for H.R. 1292. It is the right thing to do for our Veterans.

To read the full text of the bill and to see who in Congress has already supported this legislation, please visit: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/1292/

Please visit http://www.SDVetDems.org to learn more about the club and how you can get involved!

Matthew Rice


Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County

2016 Veterans Club! Moving Forward!

Karen Otter has resigned as President. Her efforts to start the Veterans Club and her continued hard work over the years to advance our agenda is extremely appreciated and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

On February 10th, 2016 the Executive Board met and per the by-laws, the following appointments were made: 
President – Matthew Rice
Treasurer – Mike Taller

Mike Johnson will continue to be a strong part of our club and we greatly appreciate his commitments to promote a Veterans agenda and his service as Treasurer over the last year. We will ask for ratification of these appointments at our next meeting.

More importantly this provides a new opportunity for club growth, increased outreach, and a renewed effort to advance veteran issues in the region. Today we discussed ways to reach these goals and they include appointing Chairmen for a Political Action Committee, Membership Outreach Committee, Newsletter Committee, and to install a Public Relations Officer. Dan Buse has already been appointed as the Programs Committee Chairman and he will be focused on bringing a special program to each meeting. Additionally, initial efforts are underway to change the time and venue of the general membership meetings. Furthermore, we are looking to host a Veterans Club Party to once again connect and rebuild the camaraderie that so many of us found during active service.

As a reminder, we will be seeking an Endorsement in Chula Vista City Council Seat 4, a reconsideration of Endorsement in San Diego City Council District 1, and Endorsement of H.R. 1292 to provide commissary access to any disable veteran. I ask that you come out, bring a friend, and let’s work together to not only advance veteran causes, but democratic values region wide.

Thank you and look forward to seeing everyone on the 20th!

Matthew Rice

Rep. Peters Receives Major Veterans Endorsement

The-Veterans-VisionSan Diego — Rep. Scott Peters received a major endorsement today from VETERANS’ VISION, a national publication that advocates for military veterans.

“With all that he has done within his first term, Scott Peters has proven to be a true champion for veterans,” the publication announced today.

VETERANS’ VISION cited Peters’ work on issues ranging from launching the Military Transition Support Project, which helps veterans transition into civilian life, to making education more affordable to veterans. Peters was instrumental in helping pass a bill, since signed into law by the president, that begins the process of reforming the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs.

VETERANS’ VISION looked hard at both candidates before endorsing Peters.

“Having experience in environmental, economic and legal fields, Congressman Scott Peters is the well-rounded advocate veterans need,” the publication said. “Placing veterans’ issue as a top priority is exactly why many veterans proudly vouch for him.”

Peters thanked VETERANS’ VISION for taking the time to extensively review the records of both candidates.

“I’m extremely proud of my work on behalf of veterans and making sure our nation honors its sacred promises to them,” Peters said. “I’m honored that VETERANS’ VISION has taken the time to look closely at this race and give me their support.”

VETERANS’ VISION press release is below:

Falls Church, Virginia – The long established national VETERANS’ VISION publication put its hard-earned credibility behind Scott Peters today, fighting in support of his election to the United States House of Representatives.

Having experience in environmental, economic, and legal fields, Congressman Scott Peters is the well-rounded advocate veterans need. Placing veterans’ issues as a top priority is exactly why many veterans proudly vouch for him. He is in the Armed Services Committee, and is known for reaching across the aisle to get what veterans’ deserve. Peters has cosponsored numerous acts such as Military Surviving Spouses Equity Act, Retired Pay Restoration Act, GI Bill Tuition Fairness Act, and has introduced the Veteran Employment Transition Act along with other acts. 

Congressman Peters has also been an instrumental part in developing and launching the Military Transition Support Project, which helps veterans transition into civilian life. With all that he has done within his first term, Scott Peters has proven to be a true champion for veterans. 

Scott Peters affirmed the Veteran’s Bill of Rights (VBOR) which states that 1) Veterans are a top priority; 2) He supports reducing the wait time on disability claims from the current 273 day average to 125; 3) The VA should negotiate for its procurement services, and 4) The VA should fill out all possible insurance claims owed to it.

Since 1993, the VETERANS’ VISION has harnessed the power of the media on behalf of American Veterans, by keeping the elected officials’ ‘feet to the fire.’ Two U.S. Presidents, four Presidential candidates, ten Cabinet Secretaries, 20 Presidential appointees to the DoD, and over 120 Members of Congress have contributed original articles to the publication. Every two years, the most carefully read portion of the publication is the section on endorsements for federal office.

In addition to its national circulation, the publication has been handed out by the tens of thousands at the last ten national party conventions. Endorsements by the publication have proven to be highly coveted, and some can be viewed by web searching “The VETERANS’ VISION publication endorsements.” The website also includes photographs and past covers from the master cartoonist, Bruce Norris.

Featuring articles of interest to veterans and non-veterans alike, the publication focuses the experience and dedication of our country’s leaders on the challenges facing our nation.

Alex Roth
Communications Director
Scott Peters for Congress
cell – 619-228-3253
Twitter: @alexroth3